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Empowering Corporate Connectivity: The Uber Global Payroll Team's Branding Success Story

Updated: May 7

We, at The Brand Look Book, recently had the privilege of collaborating with the Uber Global Payroll Team, the largest ridesharing company worldwide, on a unique corporate gifting project. This article aims to share the journey of how we provided professional service and delivered high-quality branded products tailored to their exact requirements.

Challenges Faced: 

Uber's Global Payroll Team sought a reliable partner to procure branded merchandise efficiently. They were looking for a provider who could deliver customized products promptly and accept corporate cards for seamless transactions.

Uber's team faced challenges in finding a partner capable of executing their project swiftly while ensuring top-notch quality and customization. Additionally, the need for streamlined processes and quick turnaround times posed significant hurdles.

Solution Provided:

Dedicated Relationship Manager: We assigned a dedicated relationship manager to Uber's project to ensure smooth communication and personalized assistance throughout the process.

  1. Product Selection: Leveraging our partnership with Targus, as a renowned AUTHORIZED Corporate Distributor in India, we recommended the best-fit merchandise aligned with Uber's branding objectives.

  2. Customization and Delivery: Our team handled the entire customization process, ensuring the seamless integration of Uber's Global Payroll Team logo onto the selected merchandise. Through our professional supply chain network, we ensured timely delivery to meet Uber's deadlines.

  3. Digital Order Processing System: To expedite the order process, we implemented a digital system for order placement, mockup approvals, invoicing, and payment processing. This streamlined approach enabled Uber to make payments using their corporate card efficiently.

Results Achieved: The collaborative efforts between The Brand Look Book and Uber Global Payroll Team resulted in:

  • Timely delivery of high-quality branded merchandise tailored to Uber's specifications.

  • Enhanced corporate branding and brand visibility through customized products.

  • Simplified procurement process with the adoption of digital order processing, leading to faster turnaround times and seamless transactions.

Lessons Learned: Our collaboration with Uber underscored the importance of proactive communication, personalized service, and innovative solutions. By understanding our client's needs and leveraging our expertise, we successfully delivered exceptional results while exceeding expectations.

The success story of our partnership with Uber's Global Payroll Team exemplifies our commitment to delivering value-driven solutions and fostering long-term relationships with our clients. At The Brand Look Book, we remain dedicated to providing innovative corporate gifting and merchandising services tailored to our clients' unique requirements.

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